St. Paul - Sand Hill
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hummelstown PA
Evangelical Lutheran Church, Hummelstown, PA

Who We Are

We think you will find us to be really normal people with the passion for the extraordinary mission to serve Jesus Christ.

Take a few moments to look around and find out who we are, where we came from, what we are doing and what in the world we are talking about.


Staff of St. Paul

Rev. George M. Minick

Rev. George M. Minick

St-Paul-ELC-Hummelstown-PA (78)-large

Gerry Hoover, Director of Music

St-Paul-ELC-Hummelstown-PA (53)

Karen Kline, Sexton


St-Paul-ELC-Hummelstown-PA (10)-large

Anita Housman, Admin. Assistant

The Church Council:


St. Paul Outreach Initiative

Church’s History